Love Fest in Santa Cruz

Laying out scraps for SOLVY sandwichOkay—I don’t think I have ever taught 11 women, and schlepped all my scraps, sewing machine, artworks and clothing anywhere. But when I was invited to work with this close knit group of artist/sewers I jumped on the opportunity. I love to teach. It is such a perfect balance of give and take.


Sarah laying out her choices for SOLVY sandwichI tried to come up with a curriculum, but the years have taught me to fill in as I go along. I know what I am doing. Do I get nervous? Yes, but then we get into the flow, that all melts away. I am there to share and they are rapt listeners. And they in turn gift me with their Pinning Lisa's pieces for Dervish style vestways of doing things and their vulnerability.


We started with show and tell, examining all seams stitches and cuts of the garment. Then I talk about the mystery process of SOLVY, the dissolvable interfacing.


Sunday I do another demo of my Dervish process: collaging Color blocking scraps for Dervish style vestpre-painted fabric together into a vest shape. There again everyone has their way of assembling and approach to composing. But I hope I offer another way of seeing. It is wonderful to watch these women using all their senses to create in a Lisa has sliced colored cashmere sweaters to use in her SOLVY sandwichnew way.


We have a final critique of the SOLVY pieces and vests before we break up. It is rewarding for us to share in the process, elevating the work to a new level, seeing with new eyes.