Wearable Art

Navy Kirin
Wool Eggplant K-Nette Coat
Patchwork Coat
Asymmetrical Solvy Vest
CP Lavendar with Circles
CP Mustard Linen Top
CW Vest - Back
Olive Wool Patch Vest
Tomato Cashmere Vest
Turquoise Dervish Vest
Brown K-Nette Wool Coat
Long Neutral K-Nette Vest
Wool K-Nette Patch Vest
Cobalt Dervish K-Nette Vest
Kundun Silk Screened Rag Wool Jacket
Mod Hulpil Lavendar Mixed Silk Top
Orange Pocket Vest
Teufel K-Nette Silk Jacket
Blue Jacket

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