Artist’s Statement

img_artist_statement_326x425_2I work from a deep place that is non-verbal – an instinctive luminal landscape- where I explore dualities: light vs. dark, inner vs. outer, color vs. black and white, or intuitive vs. conceptual.

Through mixed media I collage a mix of silk and wool or stitch together scraps, or work with paper, thread and fabric. I engage in a dialogue with whichever medium I am using, to see the potential that it holds for expressing my thoughts and feelings in that moment.

I have a strong interest in the use of line. I am adept in using my sewing machine to stitch in free motion, so I can let my drawing skills loose on top of the fabric. This stitched line integrates the surface and adds another dimension.

An important element in my work is using my collected cuttings and scraps. I decorate my “re-dos” (decorated recycled garments) with small patches of artfully placed fragments of this treasured fabric. I delight in the ethic of “waste nothing,” and the notion that what could be considered trash can be fashioned into something of startling beauty.

When an artwork is finished and fully realized, it may find a commonality or connection with popular culture or larger social meaning.  Or it may embody a certain mystery. My intention is to create interesting and timeless work — to delight or provoke the viewer, to see life in a different way.

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