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Knee deep in plastic! Upcycling Plastic with Auli Sookari

I met Auli at the local Tam Valley Craft Fair in November. On my way out I noticed a sublime stack of gauzy looking scarves in divine colors. Her booth was simple and welcoming. She dyes with natural dyes and teaches classes. I...

Studio Sorting 106

I keep my hard patterns up a tall ladder in a loft in the studio. I accumulate the currently used ones on my makeshift closet on the ground floor. Over time the current ones get hard to access and I need to upload some to make...

Fiber Sculpture Sebastopol Center for the Arts

On our way back from Benbow in Southern Humboldt, we ducked in to see the fiber show at the Center for the Arts in Sebastopol. It’s an international juried show and a lot of my friends were showing in it. I don’t always make...

Port Townsend Wearable Art Show 2019

The women who lived in Marrakech in the ‘70s have started to gather together every year after one of our dears passed away, taking turns to be exposed to one or the others life, surroundings and activities. This year it is Carol...

Recent Shows from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019

I am lax blogger when it comes to writing about my trunk shows. But the shows inform me about how my work is doing, with people I don’t know and favorite clients.

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