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New Mexico and the Folk Art Festival

My textilian friend, Sheri Brautigam set up a friend’s getaway for 4 old friends last July. First, we were going to the PowWow at Taos Pueblo. But that got cancelled so we stayed at Mabel Dodge Luhan’s house and tooled around...

Japan with the Chigyo Sisters, Part 1

The Background: It’s a complicated story as to how I ended up going by myself to Japan on a tour with the Chigyo sisters. I’ve known these talented women since 1984 or so. They were just starting out, as I was, in the textile...

The Flush Project

Most of you know me as a clothing/surface design artist, which indeed I am. But throughout my working life I have sought fulfillment in other modalities; I did fabric for homes, clothing, explored fiber sculpture. All using and...

Cutting Linos

I had some friends over recently to make and play with silk screens. The daughter of Toni, Tarika, had never printed before. So while Toni and Peter were out making photocopies, I started playing with Diane Ericson son’s foam...

Dorothy Caldwell: Human Marks at Shakerag

Back in September at the Eco dyeing class with Pia Best, my Santa Cruz friends told me they were signed up for a class in Tennessee from a woman whose work I admire: Dorothy Caldwell. I often find out about work and artists through Pinterest, or my art group. And I have long “pinned” Dorothy’s work. I love her sensibility, colors and simple forms.

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