Fall at last!

Back in the studio: Printing, Painting, Stitching and Sewing!

Getting ready for a couple of shows.


Wrapping up the season with a local holiday sale at my studio on December 10th, with another artist or two, to be determined. There will be new and fun items- so come on by!


Step into Fashion Designer Sale, April 14th, 1018, to benefit the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. The Coconut Grove, 400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, California. Many fabulous designers!




I am offering workshops at my studio! Please contact me for possible dates. Subjects are:

-Painting with thickened Dye-learn to paint on silk and wool. Make your own fabric!

-Silk-screening with dye or pigment—Create your own image and print it on a top or pillow.

-Create a re-do—Bucket dye a top to embellish with fabric, stitching and silk screen.

-Explore using Solvy—A dissolvable interfacing, for collage with thread and fabric scraps.

-Floorcloths—Make a canvas rug!


Or customize your own weekend retreat!

Fall Explorations

I saw some paintings in an office building that I thought looked like a way I would like to paint with my dyes. Plus, there were some wonderful and playful motifs on the top surface. So I drew some up and made a new batch of screens, plus one stamp that I carved.  So fun.


And to go with those screens some new silhouettes. And sack-y dolman dress with-pockets! Playing still with the vest, long, slim including pockets, plus a boxy vest with a pert collar and lapels, and of course pockets!


Oh, those beautiful Re-dos!  Taking them apart, screening them and re-combining them. Never know what you’re going to get. Keeps it fresh!


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