Summer Happenings!

Printing, Painting, Stitching and Sewing!

Offering a workshop at my studio in August. It would be the weekend of the 19th. I have 2 students and would love 2 more. It will be an intensive in painting with thickened dye, cutting stamps and making fabric bits to use in your designs. Please let me know if you are tempted. Email me through your own server at:


I’m off to Tennessee for a roots tour and am taking a workshop with Dorothy Caldwell…



I am offering workshops at my studio! Please contact me for possible dates. Subjects are:

-Painting with thickened Dye-learn to paint on silk and wool. Make your own fabric!

-Silk-screening with dye or pigment—Create your own image and print it on a top or pillow.

-Create a re-do—Bucket dye a top to embellish with fabric, stitching and silk screen.

-Explore using Solvy—A dissolvable interfacing, for collage with thread and fabric scraps.

-Floorcloths—Make a canvas rug!


Or customize your own weekend retreat!

Spring Explorations

I saw some paintings in an office building that I thought looked like a way I would like to paint with my dyes. Plus, there were some wonderful and playful motifs on the top surface. So I drew some up and made a new batch of screens, plus one stamp that I carved.  So fun.


And to go with those screens some new silhouettes. And sack-y dolman dress with-pockets! Playing still with the vest, long, slim including pockets, plus a boxy vest with a pert collar and lapels, and of course pockets!


Oh, those beautiful Re-dos!  Taking them apart, screening them and re-combining them. Never know what you’re going to get. Keeps it fresh!


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