Events for 2019!

Summer time! Check back for new events!

I cancelled my workshop due to my mother’s health. Cannot be away for so long. So- I am going to do studio time and learn new processes in house!

Spring Explorations


I am working with a new jacket pattern called BBette, with squared armholes, a slightly ehtnic look. It’s very flattering.  I have made 2 new dress patterns and a new top, plus the vest the same silhouette as the BBette jacket, which should all look fabu in pieced indigo! 

Digging deep into my 4 boxes of Moroccan, Africa, Thai, Japanese Indigos. Yummy!

I am making more re-dos. Reshaping and printing to make eminently wearable pieces all the while doing right by our environment.




I am offering workshops at my studio! Please contact me for possible dates. Subjects are:

  • Painting with thickened Dye-learn to paint on silk and wool. Make your own fabric!
  • Silk-screening with dye or pigment: Create your own image and print it on a top or pillow.
  • Create a re-do: Bucket dye a top to embellish with fabric, stitching and silk screen.
  • Explore using Solvy: A dissolvable interfacing, for collage with thread and fabric scraps.
  • Floorcloths: Make a canvas rug!

Or customize your own weekend retreat!

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