Holly Badgley Design

What I did in New York!

1.Visited designer friends doing their Spring ’15 shows.   Catherine Bacon was at the W Times Square in the 48th floor. The views alone! She knows how to create an inviting space, with a calm yet productive energy. Her collection was integrated, balancing light and earthy tones, some pale, some rich, with elegant attention to detail.   It was nice to see one of my yardage pieces made up into one of her art-to-wear kimonos.   Stopped by Xiaoyan Lin […]

Sunday in the Studio with Francesca

In the spirit of keeping the creative force going I signed on for a mid summer show with my longtime friend Francesca Lewis Kennedy. When I first met Francesca it was in the Design Network days ( mid ’80s) and she had a business making hip leather clothing. I was making clothes and working with interior decorators, but needed more income and was helping her with her leather samples. Every little bit helped.   Fast forward 20 years! Children grown […]

The Core Group

  We are a core group of designers that have shown together in a sale/trunk show format for many years now. The reason for each designer to show varies. For Susan it is to rid herself of last season’s samples. The same is true for Xiaoyan.  Both of those designers do production and have to make up a full line of samples each season. Susan donates what doesn’t sell to a woman’s shelter.       Mala has her design made […]


  I am feeling hungry for something. Of course food is delicious, but right now I am hankering for something that is not tangible. A feeling that I need to let something in that expresses my deepest creativity. Many things stand in the way:   Grandsons Mothers Sons Daughters Marriages Gardens Girlfriends Sorting Worry about the world Need for peace.   Of course they don’t really—stand in the way—that is. But the essence is that I frequently put off what […]

Palo Alto Style does it up!

It has been 3 years since the last Style show. There is always excitement and anticipation before any show. But what stays in my mind with this group is the camaraderie and creative energy between us, designers and artists from around the country, all together again.   I was unsure of the venue, which was in the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Building in Mountain View, it sounded like it might be sterile. Yet the rotunda was filled with 2 enormous […]

Showtime: Palo Alto Style 2014

The process of preparing for a show is as follows:   Months and months before the show there is the perception of having endless amounts of time…I work diligently, but life of course is ever present, nipping at my heels.   Midway through, say a month before the show, I am at the height of my creative flow and juiciness, working like a bee, fertilizing the new garments with beautiful touches.   Two weeks before, time suddenly comes into focus. […]

Re-dos Redux: Miguel Adrover

  I buy used shirts to embellish and re-figure. I call them re-dos. There is a satisfaction in the recycling-reuse nature of this work. (Plus, I don’t have to make a shirt from scratch). I sent my friend Annie a couple of pictures from the black and white series I am working on and she replied by sending me the name of the master/designer extraordinaire:   Miguel Adrover, a Spaniard, taker apart-er, layer-er, of all manner of clothing.   He […]

At My Feet…Treasures

Between my cutting table and my sewing machine (the space of about 2 feet), threads and small snippets fall. Swept up in the gyre, they form random compositions ready to be pasted between Solvy sheets. The task is to figure out how to preserve the spontaneity of that moment in thread time, anchoring without undoing the life of that arrangement, a delicate endeavor. Usually I stitch over the entire piece to secure everything. But here I stitched following the threads […]

Saks 5th Avenue—If you need help ask…

for Carolyn Gobert!   My daughter Tamara was looking for the perfect dress to wear for her wedding ceremony. She looked online for days and pinpointed several that she wanted to go see at Saks. And they were having a sale! Though I design clothing, it must be said I don’t do a lot of department store shopping or R&D.   So, we arrive at Saks and are awed by the beautiful fabrics and cuts of these fine garments. We […]

Covering Pearl

I wanted to talk about my dress form. I got her from a woman named Pearl. She was from the Phillipines and did some sewing for me back in the 80s. She was a feisty woman who knew how to put me in my place! She had an extra dress form and gave it to me. It was a size 16 and a lovely old girl. It was about my size, which is good because I always like to make […]