for Carolyn Gobert!
My daughter Tamara was looking for the perfect dress to wear for her wedding ceremony. She looked online for days and pinpointed several that she wanted to go see at Saks. And they were having a sale! Though I design clothing, it must be said I don’t do a lot of department store shopping or R&D.
So, we arrive at Saks and are awed by the beautiful fabrics and cuts of these fine garments. We must have looked clueless for a nice woman approached us and asked if she could help. She was unassuming and gracious; we felt at ease at once. After describing the task at hand we toured the different layers of collections, meanwhile Carolyn is grabbing things off the rack for sampling.
She housed us in a nice fitting room and we proceeded to “sample” the different styles and lengths of party dresses.
She provided Spanx, heels and all the necessary accouterments to create a finished look. She informed Tamara that she could have her make-up done the day of, could get dressed there, the whole kit and caboodle. She saw the whole picture, which is more that we did at the time.
We left feeling confidant and treated like queens. Though we ended up not using the services or purchasing from Saks for the event, we did give Carolyn a great review, because she went out of her way to be generous, kind and had wonderful vision and taste. I say: kudos to her and also to Saks for valuing that kind of service.

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