We are a core group of designers that have shown togetherXiaoyan81

in a sale/trunk show format for many years now.

The reason for each designer to show varies.

For Susan it is to rid herself of last season’s samples.

The same is true for Xiaoyan.  Both of those designers do production

and have to make up a full line of samples each season.

Susan donates what doesn’t sell to a woman’s shelter.


Mala Freedman



Mala has her design made in Bali. She does sell to stores, but doesn’t do trade shows, so she has a nice private cliental to add to her income stream.






Pam and I do very limited editions of pieces.  The trunk shows are an important way of creating income. I do sell to a woman- Pat Henderson- who travels and does trunk shows. And I have had a store in Santa Fe, which was sold recently and I haven’t created a relationship with the new owners yet.

Pam's Table





Our informal coterie  mostly shows at the Acqua Hotel in Mill Valley twice a year. Last May, however, since there were only us 5 showing I offered my studio to use, in the spirit of economizing.

My next door neighbors allowed me to store my 2nd (!) wall of snap-on plastic boxes of fabric and I moved all other kinds of bolts and containers so we could make a cozy environment to gather and make a marketplace for ourselves.  Attendance was quite fine and there was a convivial atmosphere. It could be an option for the future if we need to, though the Acqua has a lovely view and no clutter!