Mood Fabrics!

I was in New York last week visiting my friend Annie Brumbaugh. We were mostly hunkered down, but Tuesday she needed to go to her CPA and I needed to wander around. I  thought I would stop into my wool source, MJ Cahn Co, Inc, on West 27th St. I’ve actually never been there before and I like to put faces to the voices I talk to when ordering my wool.


I took a bus across town and found the awning right next to the Highline. This place has been there for years! You walk into a long narrow office and there are a few older men at their desks scattered around. I met Danny, who is the son of the owner. But mostly I dealt with the youngest man, an up and coming, learning the ropes kind of guy, very sweet.


It was a pretty jumbled mess of swatches in there. I was looking for a wool/ rayon bouclé for my coats and vests. A couple of things jumped out at me and I gathered them up to put on cards, stapled by the nice guy. Danny recommended I go to Mood, because they might have what I was looking for.


So, I walked to Highline and then down on the street till I found Mood. The wools are on the second floor. The racks are stacked floor to ceiling with everything!!! So I didn’t have to pick my jaw up off the ground in amazement I kept to my goal of looking for wools I could use for my coats and vests.


The people are very helpful and not at all snobby. I found several groups of wools that were basic but different that I could use. And also some of the bouclé I was hunting for.Bouclés at Mood Fabric!


The fellow helping me assembled the swatches on cards that he numbered so I can order over the phone and we can cross reference them. That’s nice because I wasn’t ready to schlepp yardage across country!Swatches from Mood Fabrics


It was very satisfying all the way around. The hunt, the service, and the goods. Wish it wasn’t so far away!