Yemi & The Photoshoot

Holly Badgley and Yemi Yasin


It had been a long time since I organized a photo shoot. It’s difficult to find a model who would resonate with my clothing, a photographer who has a feel for the clothing along with an eye for design.


A while back some girlfriends and I visited G-rdano a local designer’s shop in Sausalito and there was a striking young woman working in the back, cutting yardage. She was a good height, had a modern flair, and a lively presence. She said she did some modeling. Hooray! Info was exchanged.


But I didn’t call for a while for lack of pieces on the rack. So when I worked up a new group of pieces I Had the forethought to give her a call. We did a pretty informal shoot with my camera and afternoon light, which, it turns out, in my building just doesn’t cut it. Plus my camera is slow, too little resolution, etc. The photos were pixilated and unusable. I had to reshoot the pieces on the mannequin.


However, my brother said he’d be willing to come down and do the shoot for me. Now, Mark does my website, all the evites for my shows and the designers shows. He’s got vision in terms of trends and an eye for composition. I just needed to make something to shoot!


Getting ready for the last Acqua show I was steaming-cooking with gas as they say. Pieces fell into place.


The day was clear, the light divine. Mark and I scout a couple of locations inside and outside the building. Yemi arrives.


She has left her hair natural. It has volume and life. It frames her face, highlighting her large and beautiful eyes. I got excited. She was in a very spunky mood. Mark couldn’t keep up with her as she kept doing these rapid moves that were so fun and versatile.


Having a great model makes the clothing come alive. Yemi knows how to move her body to enhance the drape and cut of the cloth. The way she wears the pieces gives them a timeless and almost spiritual quality. This is clothing for all ages of women, offering beauty and style. I am grateful for my newfound team!