Summer Cleaning:

You know when you can’t get anything done, can’t find parts for your projects, that it’s time to take matters in hand. Stashes start to multiply like loaves. When first you had one solid wall of snap-on boxes, now the fabric is spilling out making another wall and a half. Too much.

Can I rid myself of these “babies”? No. They just get encapsulated, the little inner voice reassuring you this project will get done soon-ish. Mending, reconstructing, repurposing. Fodder for fun or mass to weigh you down? These are the universal questions of the sewer/creator of textilian wonders.

And no, I haven’t read the Japanese woman’s book about decluttering. Nice concept. Can do maybe 40% reduction, on a good day. I’m open to feedback. Let me know your philosophy on the matter of stash vs. less stash. I don’t agree, by the way, about the person having the largest one when we die wins. I’m committed to working it out: reduce recycle, reuse…


Before & After