It was a muted day. In keeping with the mystery that is a show. Who will show up? What will sell?


We had two new designers: Francesca Lewis Kennedy and Jan Badgley.


Francesca, a jeweler, plays with her metal and has fun. You can tell. There is a whimsical yet talismanic quality to her work. And it is easy to wear.


jan@acqua56Jan has her own take on shrunken (boiled) wool and Japanese fashion that is well thought out and architectural, with fun touches.


I had been working for a couple of weeks heading up to the show. (Minus 4 days to go to Mendocino)! I made two beautiful Cecille tops out of some yellow scrap dupioni that were re-painted twice. The colors glowed and I added very few embellishments. I wanted the background to shine on its own. The screens I used on one were the Klimpt apple and it’s partner, in gold. A tip of the hat to the master.


Ning in stripey cowl 52I also made a cowl using up dye I had around. Painted in the color-block style. I made it a little longer and with longer sleeves. It was so beautiful. It’s nice to fall in love with your own work. It makes me excited. That one sold to Ning Mercer, an artist as well.


Another piece I did was out of some dove grey tight linen I got from Susan Kirschner. (Nice to have friends with leftover fabric)! I painted it out of the same dye pots as the cowl. But because it started out grey, the colors were muted and subtle. The style was a combo of the CP top and the EF top. A slighty boaty/scoopy neck, a-line and pockets (!) with pleats. Really nice as a jacket or a bop around top.


Sales were pretty even throughout the day. What I love is when the good stuff goes. Not that it isn’t all good, but some is fresher and more sparkling. I didn’t sell any Cecilles. It was a grey day and they are a burst of summer weight color. They have been shipped off to Santa Fe Weaving Gallery and will be just right for the heat of New Mexico!