Cutting Linos

I had some friends over recently to make and play with silk screens. The daughter of Toni, Tarika, had never printed before. So while Toni and Peter were out making photocopies, I started playing with Diane Ericson son’s foam core and lino material. Which then led me to remember some old “Softoleum” that some kids had messed up and I hadn’t thrown away. I showed Tarika how to cut the lino and she had fun with that.

But later I wanted to play with those old linos. When I should have been making stock I spent the afternoon resuscitating these old linos and in fact using some of the “mistakes” as part of the pattern. The Softoleum is a marvelous product. It is thick and rubbery like a big erase, so very easy to slice. I was even successful with cutting circles. The immediacy of the process made me glow.

I kept printing and printing. Here are some of the results.