Recent Shows from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019

I am lax blogger when it comes to writing about my trunk shows. But the shows inform me about how my work is doing, with people I don’t know and favorite clients.

The Style ’19 show at the Museum of Craft and Design in November went really well both days, though I only sold work on Saturday. It was a larger audience as it was in the city and in an up-and-coming hipster neighborhood. I enjoyed meeting the younger artists attending and being with my peers. It’s a question as to whether doing a 2 day show, versus one day, is the ticket. But the venue definitely had some draw.

The bulk of what I brought to sell was Fall-oriented: wool jackets and vests plus some indigo pieces, appliqué and stitching on the wools, collaging with the indigos.

Then, in December, I hosted 2 days of Winter show at my studio, featuring a different jeweler each day. Saturday, Ria Van Ornum showed her tribal abalone, ancient bead creations, and Sunday, Francesca Kennedy, with her mad, wonderful metalwork.

I also invited my friend, Suki Diamond and her daughter, Heather. Suki is a whimsical ceramist who paints known and made up animals on her dishware. Heather crochets and knits her Boneyard Beanies and dyes beautiful yarns. And, as ever in winter, my friend Betsy showed her hand-woven scarves and kitchen towels. The Winter/Christmas show is more of a family affair. The affair a was well-attended festive occasion- so fun!

I continued to make more pieces between shows, all the while hosting two Thanksgivings!

I was asked, in the fall, if I might do a trunk show hosted by the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, my long time store, with my 2 other favorite clothing artists Carol Lee Shanks and Ellen Hauptli. Oh yes! How lovely.

So end of March we gathered in the Grand Hyatt, more like Tall Hyatt, on the 31st floor. Amazing view! Wonderful women! I worked hard to create a “collection”. Of course, I brought indigos, in new vest shapes and a couple of dresses.

I also had a vision of a new painting style. I wanted to try. I wanted some color. I don’t paint much these days and I was craving the act of applying color to fabric. I mixed happy colors: rich Mexican pink, coral, amber and some turquoise. I painted in a free brushy manner. On top I brushed swirling lines of black, using DynaFlow. Then, I used my Indian blocks to print and add another layer of beauty. I was curious and satisfied at the same time, as to whether I liked the results. I did. I used odd ends of yardage I had laying around, a canvas, some linen, and muslin of all things. The dye was happy on them all…