An informal teaching day with Peter and Toni

Peter Linenthal, a friend I have known since I was 14, is an artist and book illustrator. He has also been involved in the Potrero Hill Historical Society, organizing fundraisers and gathering history of the Hill.

A number of years ago he became interested in collecting bronze seals that came from the Central Asia. They are from a region called the Bactria Margellana Archeological Complex, BMAC. The seals were mostly found in the tombs of women and are of compelling designs both primitive yet sophisticated at the same time. Their original use remains unclear.

After meeting at his house one afternoon to do rubbings of the seals we set up a time to come to my studio and make silk screens out of some of them.

Coincidentally, Toni Hines was coming the same day as Peter. Toni is a woman I met through my mother, Elaine Badgley Arnoux. She had taken mom’s “Edge of Vision” class and had introduced mom to a set of symbols from Africa that have deep meaning and are powerfully graphic.

Toni has developed an annual community healing event called YNOT Unite for Peace in the Streets and Home. This is in honor of her son who was shot down in the Bayview district. His name was Tony and so she has used his name in reverse to gather the neighborhood and raise awareness for nonviolence. I thought she could create a product printing the symbols on shirts as a fundraising tool for her group event, using creativity as a tool for peace.

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