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Dorothy Caldwell: Human Marks at Shakerag

Back in September at the Eco dyeing class with Pia Best, my Santa Cruz friends told me they were signed up for a class in Tennessee from a woman whose work I admire: Dorothy Caldwell. I often find out about work and artists through Pinterest, or my art group. And I have long “pinned” Dorothy’s work. I love her sensibility, colors and simple forms.   So, I said I’m in!   My husband and I planned to go a week […]

The Wheels are Turning!

A deadline always helps! The Mountain View show is coming up-only 16 more days. What that means for me is a lot of production. But what it really means right now is having fun and doing  my process in a different way. A-real-one-of-a-kind-way. It means being moved towards a piece of fabric, seeing an image in my mind that excites me and letting that be my guide. Some of the journey towards a finished piece starts awhile before. For example, […]

One more September thing…Stockton!

The Haute Couture Societé invited me to show and teach at the end of September. I drove the back way through the Delta region. Stockton was an important part of the shipping industry back in the old days. There is a revival happening around the port. The Hauties, as they call themselves, were warm and welcoming. Liz Kusama had arranged the Saturday class and lecture, filling the hall with stitchers and fabric artists. I love these tight knit groups that […]


It is fitting that in the new year we review what nurtures us and what blocks us. It is a great time for looking within.   And so my studio lays fallow while I turn my attention to my home space. A three car garage that has never seen a car inside. I share this with my husband’s workout equipment. But that equipment was encroaching on my space. The Feng Sui was off and the piles of photos, dad’s old […]

September Madness…

Is it really November already? My September was a mad house. I had to recover in October.   First on the agenda was a lecture / workshop for Penwag (Peninsula Wearable Art Group), on September 10th. I worked on a new slide show for the trunk show portion of the day. There’s a learning curve showing up and not really having an idea of the layout and facilities. I do feel comfortable talking about my history illustrated with the photos. Followed by dressing […]

Cutting Linos!

I had some friends over recently to make and play with silk screens. The daughter of Toni, Tarika, had never printed before. So while Toni and Peter were out making photocopies, I started playing with Diane Ericson son’s foam core and lino material. Which then led me to remember some old “Softoleum” that some kids had messed up and I hadn’t thrown away. I showed Tarika how to cut the lino and she had fun with that.    But later […]

45 Women at the Studio

A good excuse to clean and organize one’s studio is to have invited 45 women to come over! Back in April at the Style ’16 Show, Mary Ann Behrens asked if her group, the Haute Couture Societiè, could come for a studio visit. Yes! Of course. And after we would go to the American Craft Council show at Fort Mason.   Oh the sorting. Oh the clean up. I was happy to have an excuse to work the place over. […]

Museum of Fine Art Houston: Yayoi Kusama +

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”] I went to Houston on my way to a wedding in Austin this summer. Two dear friends from different parts of my life had just moved there and didn’t know each other yet. One, Pam Barry, my jeweler designer friend, had suggested we go see an installation by Yayoi Kusama at the museum. I wasn’t familiar with her work and so didn’t have any preconception, leaving myself open to the […]

The Magic of Ashland! DOL with Diane Ericson

The large room was decorated in an arabesque style, white trim and Naples yellow walls. It became the warren of busy women, all eager to move forward in their work and creativity.   This second DOL I participated in was in Ashland, Diane’s hometown. It convened in the Ashland Springs Hotel, an old refurbished hotel, the tallest building in town!   Across the street is Sew Creative, a marvelous fabric store. Couldn’t be more convenient. Many great shops and restaurants […]

It’s all in the details: Oscar de la Renta

My knowledge of Oscar de la Renta stems from the Sunday Chronicle society pages featuring the high society mavens. One in particular sported his designs faithfully with all the ruffles and frills. I was not drawn to pieces, feeling like they might be “matronly”.   My surprise, then, was to view the show at the de Young Museum, where I could see and delight in the detailing and cuts.     The styles also transported me back the heyday of […]