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Saks 5th Avenue—If you need help ask…

for Carolyn Gobert!   My daughter Tamara was looking for the perfect dress to wear for her wedding ceremony. She looked online for days and pinpointed several that she wanted to go see at Saks. And they were having a sale! Though I design clothing, it must be said I don’t do a lot of department store shopping or R&D.   So, we arrive at Saks and are awed by the beautiful fabrics and cuts of these fine garments. We […]

Covering Pearl

I wanted to talk about my dress form. I got her from a woman named Pearl. She was from the Phillipines and did some sewing for me back in the 80s. She was a feisty woman who knew how to put me in my place! She had an extra dress form and gave it to me. It was a size 16 and a lovely old girl. It was about my size, which is good because I always like to make […]


Doing a special order for a larger-than-me client, I decided to research actual size charts. To find one I could use to standardize my own sizing. The first site I looked at seemed to be a standard from the 50s: size 8–bust 34 ½ , waist-26 ½ , hips- 37, versus the more modern chart: size 8 to 10 — bust- 35-36, waist- 27-29 and hips- 38-39.   All this might seem very technical, but when you go to a […]