Monthly Archives: August 2014

Sunday in the Studio with Francesca

In the spirit of keeping the creative force going I signed on for a mid summer show with my longtime friend Francesca Lewis Kennedy. When I first met Francesca it was in the Design Network days ( mid ’80s) and she had a business making hip leather clothing. I was making clothes and working with interior decorators, but needed more income and was helping her with her leather samples. Every little bit helped.   Fast forward 20 years! Children grown […]

The Core Group

  We are a core group of designers that have shown together in a sale/trunk show format for many years now. The reason for each designer to show varies. For Susan it is to rid herself of last season’s samples. The same is true for Xiaoyan.  Both of those designers do production and have to make up a full line of samples each season. Susan donates what doesn’t sell to a woman’s shelter.       Mala has her design made […]