Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Wheels are Turning!

A deadline always helps! The Mountain View show is coming up-only 16 more days. What that means for me is a lot of production. But what it really means right now is having fun and doing ¬†my process in a different way. A-real-one-of-a-kind-way. It means being moved towards a piece of fabric, seeing an image in my mind that excites me and letting that be my guide. Some of the journey towards a finished piece starts awhile before. For example, […]

One more September thing…Stockton!

The Haute Couture Societ√© invited me to show and teach at the end of September. I drove the back way through the Delta region. Stockton was an important part of the shipping industry back in the old days. There is a revival happening around the port. The Hauties, as they call themselves, were warm and welcoming. Liz Kusama had arranged the Saturday class and lecture, filling the hall with stitchers and fabric artists. I love these tight knit groups that […]