Holly Badgley Design

Diane Ericson and Me: Meeting of the Minds

Passing through Ashland in August I had the opportunity to find Diane in her studio. More like school/showroom/office, plus creative space. I was grungy from camping and her space was clean yet full of energetic goings on. Since she asked me to co-teach with her in Taos this year I have come to know more about the entity that is Design Outside the Lines. It is a non stop flow of creative techniques that are used to construct clothing in an unrestrained fashion. […]

Cruzianas au studio!

A painting with thickened dye workshop-handouts, masks, gloves lined up and ready for the Cruzianas to come paint their hearts out. 5 women came, so I moved some tables around to make room and washed off the formica skins.   We had 3 days.   The first to get oriented and clear about fibers and activators, mixing dye recipes and chemical medium. Swatching out the dyes (painting small amounts) on all the fabrics they brought. Waiting for the drying process to […]

Summer Cleaning:

Before and After! You know when you can’t get anything done, can’t find parts for your projects, that it’s time to take matters in hand. Stashes start to multiply like loaves. When first you had one solid wall of snap-on boxes, now the fabric is spilling out making another wall and a half. Too much.   Can I rid myself of these “babies”? No. They just get encapsulated, the little inner voice reassuring you this project will get done soon-ish. […]

Springtime at the Acqua…

It was a muted day. In keeping with the mystery that is a show. Who will show up? What will sell?   We had two new designers: Francesca Lewis Kennedy and Jan Badgley.   Francesca, a jeweler, plays with her metal and has fun. You can tell. There is a whimsical yet talismanic quality to her work. And it is easy to wear.   Jan has her own take on shrunken (boiled) wool and Japanese fashion that is well thought out and architectural, […]

Love Fest in Santa Cruz

Okay—I don’t think I have ever taught 11 women, and schlepped all my scraps, sewing machine, artworks and clothing anywhere. But when I was invited to work with this close knit group of artist/sewers I jumped on the opportunity. I love to teach. It is such a perfect balance of give and take.   I tried to come up with a curriculum, but the years have taught me to fill in as I go along. I know what I am […]

J & J Tapestry

My friends, John and Judy have been long time supporters of my work. Judy has loved my clothing and gets pieces specially made  for herself . But John has only admired the work from afar. It takes a man with a certain gumption to want to actually wear something I make. I’m working on that!   At any rate, Judy decided she would order a wall piece for their bedroom to cheer John up after their move from the East […]

Welcome to the New Year!

In keeping the creativity in the family, my daughter Tamara and I spent a child free day at the studio dyeing onesies. It was a smooth day, though I am terrible giving oral directions as I tried also to get something done. But after 37 years of trying to interpret her mother she got what I was saying and produced a mass of wonderful colorful onesies for grandson Cyrus and 2 other babies in our clan…A good start to the year. […]

Studio 64 Pop and Sale

Last weekend was a gathering of “makers” hosted by a woman I met through my jeweler friend Francesca, whose is also named Fran. The space is exciting because it is still raw. Fran is an architect and her partner at the studio is an interior designer. Their spaces are developed but the large show space is not, which lends it an air of on-the-fly fun. It is a space open for classes, workshops and whatever keeps the child in all of us […]

Fall Colors in the Basket

Okay- there is this basket.   It contains projects all cut out from last year. The gem colors- garnet,  amethyst, and citrine dupioni are cut into the 1910 tunic shape with some Cecille tops thrown in.   The time is now to finish, embellish and stitch those puppies.   Sometimes I challenge myself to finish the old before going on to the not-yet-started and therefore more up-to-the-moment exciting piece. As in delayed gratification; creating momentum by luring myself with greater pleasures.   […]

Mad Re-do Production

Racing to finish some new re-dos for my goddess-trunk-show-traveler Pat Henderson. She wanted more fall colors. Did I say I love shopping for men’s shirts? I love the quality and color of the fabrics, the boxy cut. I love cutting them up to re-invent them and making them conform to a female figure. I have dip dyed some of them. One I left large and am making a tunic in the Japanese style of peasant clothing. I am using some […]