Monthly Archives: March 2016

Mood Fabrics!

I was in New York last week visiting my friend Annie Brumbaugh. We were mostly hunkered down, but Tuesday she needed to go to her CPA and I needed to wander around. I  thought I would stop into my wool source, MJ Cahn Co, Inc, on West 27th St. I’ve actually never been there before and I like to put faces to the voices I talk to when ordering my wool.   I took a bus across town and found […]

The Ampersand Vessel Challenge

My art group called  Ampersand or Amps meets every two weeks. At a recent meeting my friend Juline Beier presented her solvy pieces- cylinders made of solvy and stitched newspaper dipped in wax. She is always pushing herself towards more volumetric shapes like her beautiful delicate flax bowls. So, when we were critiquing the rolls I challenged her to make a bowl in the solvy/newspaper/ wax technique. And immediately she challenged me to do the same with my stitched-pieced-with-scraps solvy […]