Monthly Archives: September 2016

Cutting Linos!

I had some friends over recently to make and play with silk screens. The daughter of Toni, Tarika, had never printed before. So while Toni and Peter were out making photocopies, I started playing with Diane Ericson son’s foam core and lino material. Which then led me to remember some old “Softoleum” that some kids had messed up and I hadn’t thrown away. I showed Tarika how to cut the lino and she had fun with that.¬†   But later […]

45 Women at the Studio

A good excuse to clean and organize one’s studio is to have invited 45 women to come over! Back in April at the Style ’16 Show, Mary Ann Behrens asked if her group, the Haute Couture Societi√®, could come for a studio visit. Yes! Of course. And after we would go to the American Craft Council show at Fort Mason.   Oh the sorting. Oh the clean up. I was happy to have an excuse to work the place over. […]