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Making yardage for Catherine Bacon’s art kimonos!

I make fabric for Catherine Bacon about twice a year. When I was doing yardage for her a couple of years ago, it became more full-time than I wanted. I liked having a steady paycheck, but I missed out selling at other venues ie: the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, and at the Acqua hotel sales.   As I do love keeping my hands in many pots and in keeping with how Catherine’s business was changing, when she decided to hire […]

J & J Tapestry

My friends, John and Judy have been long time supporters of my work. Judy has loved my clothing and gets pieces specially made  for herself . But John has only admired the work from afar. It takes a man with a certain gumption to want to actually wear something I make. I’m working on that!   At any rate, Judy decided she would order a wall piece for their bedroom to cheer John up after their move from the East […]