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Playing with the Finger Paints!

I paint my fabrics flat on thin sheets of formica. I had a special table made that can hold 6 of these sheets to create more storage and let the fabric cure more slowly. When I clean these sheets sometimes there is a denser layer of paint when the fabric I have painted is thin- like organza. Such was the case on this day when I started playing with the goopy dye. I wiped down the entire table with a […]

Mood Fabrics!

I was in New York last week visiting my friend Annie Brumbaugh. We were mostly hunkered down, but Tuesday she needed to go to her CPA and I needed to wander around. I  thought I would stop into my wool source, MJ Cahn Co, Inc, on West 27th St. I’ve actually never been there before and I like to put faces to the voices I talk to when ordering my wool.   I took a bus across town and found […]

The Ampersand Vessel Challenge

My art group called  Ampersand or Amps meets every two weeks. At a recent meeting my friend Juline Beier presented her solvy pieces- cylinders made of solvy and stitched newspaper dipped in wax. She is always pushing herself towards more volumetric shapes like her beautiful delicate flax bowls. So, when we were critiquing the rolls I challenged her to make a bowl in the solvy/newspaper/ wax technique. And immediately she challenged me to do the same with my stitched-pieced-with-scraps solvy […]

Why the last Acqua?

  The Sewing Workshop of San Francisco stopped offering their annual holiday shows in the 90s. To fill the need for selling samples and one offs, Catherine Bacon, Susan Green, Ann McKenna and Lea Ditson organized the original Acqua shows. As an offshoot, Braeda Horan got the idea to start her own group with some of the other designers from the Pacific Designer Collection, which included our core group: Susan Kirschner, Pam Barry, Mala Freedman and myself.   When Braeda […]

Studio 64 Pop and Sale

Last weekend was a gathering of “makers” hosted by a woman I met through my jeweler friend Francesca, whose is also named Fran. The space is exciting because it is still raw. Fran is an architect and her partner at the studio is an interior designer. Their spaces are developed but the large show space is not, which lends it an air of on-the-fly fun. It is a space open for classes, workshops and whatever keeps the child in all of us […]

Fall Colors in the Basket

Okay- there is this basket.   It contains projects all cut out from last year. The gem colors- garnet,  amethyst, and citrine dupioni are cut into the 1910 tunic shape with some Cecille tops thrown in.   The time is now to finish, embellish and stitch those puppies.   Sometimes I challenge myself to finish the old before going on to the not-yet-started and therefore more up-to-the-moment exciting piece. As in delayed gratification; creating momentum by luring myself with greater pleasures.   […]

Mad Re-do Production

Racing to finish some new re-dos for my goddess-trunk-show-traveler Pat Henderson. She wanted more fall colors. Did I say I love shopping for men’s shirts? I love the quality and color of the fabrics, the boxy cut. I love cutting them up to re-invent them and making them conform to a female figure. I have dip dyed some of them. One I left large and am making a tunic in the Japanese style of peasant clothing. I am using some […]

What I did in New York!

1.Visited designer friends doing their Spring ’15 shows.   Catherine Bacon was at the W Times Square in the 48th floor. The views alone! She knows how to create an inviting space, with a calm yet productive energy. Her collection was integrated, balancing light and earthy tones, some pale, some rich, with elegant attention to detail.   It was nice to see one of my yardage pieces made up into one of her art-to-wear kimonos.   Stopped by Xiaoyan Lin […]

Sunday in the Studio with Francesca

In the spirit of keeping the creative force going I signed on for a mid summer show with my longtime friend Francesca Lewis Kennedy. When I first met Francesca it was in the Design Network days ( mid ’80s) and she had a business making hip leather clothing. I was making clothes and working with interior decorators, but needed more income and was helping her with her leather samples. Every little bit helped.   Fast forward 20 years! Children grown […]

The Core Group

  We are a core group of designers that have shown together in a sale/trunk show format for many years now. The reason for each designer to show varies. For Susan it is to rid herself of last season’s samples. The same is true for Xiaoyan.  Both of those designers do production and have to make up a full line of samples each season. Susan donates what doesn’t sell to a woman’s shelter.       Mala has her design made […]